How to use your iPhone to control your Apple Watch

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The best services are available to Apple Watch users. The fitness companion that measures your health insights, records your connection to people, and accepts and declines calls that control the iPhone through the Apple Watch is this tiny wrist device. It also keeps track of your daily activities and helps you reach your goals each day. With the addition of activity competitions, individual coaching, and awards.

The device has more features than just controls for the camera and music.Reading notifications from the notification panel, opening the control center, activating Siri, and a variety of other activities fall under this category.Screen recording of the iPhone with a camera and actions without the touch option are two additional features that are available.

The iPhone and Apple Watch need to be in sync with the most recent versions of iOS and WatchOS in order to access these features. Bluetooth must be used to connect the two devices. The Apple Watch Series 6, Series 7, and Series 8 all come equipped with the feature.

So here are the Steps:

Step 1: Visit the Apple Watch’s settings menu.

Step 2: Select the accessibility choice.

Step 3: After that, activate Apple Watch Mirroring by tapping on it.

Step 4: Now, reach out to Control Nearby devices by scrolling to the screen’s bottom. Select it once you have it.

Step 5: To switch between left and right, users can swipe between screens.

Step 6: Press the advanced crown on the presentation and snap as an afterthought button on the showcase.

Step 7: Now, use Siri by touching and holding the display’s Digital Crown.

Step 8: The iPhone will display a list of options once the devices are connected, and you can click on one of them.

Step 9: Your Apple Watch gives you access to all of the controls. Your iPhone will automatically connect and wake up when the previous step is finished.

Step 10: Home, Notifications, App Switcher, Control Center, and Siri will all be displayed.

Step 11: To access the available options, tap the three dots.

Step 12: The music controls will then appear as you scroll to the very bottom of the screen.

Step 13: Finally, to control specific aspects of your iPhone, tap the options.

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