In leaked photos, the Google Pixel Fold’s design is revealed: The Way It Looks

Google Pixel Fold's design
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Google Pixel Fold’s design: Since a few years ago, rumors have circulated that Google is developing a Pixel foldable phone, but the company has yet to officially confirm this claim. However, the leaked images may have provided us with our first glimpse of the alleged Pixel Fold device this week. Although these aren’t the official renders, we are getting closer to the real thing, which should be shown off sometime in 2023, thanks to a tip from Jon Prosser in this video.

The Pixel Fold appears to be an addition to the current Pixel lineup, which is currently led by the Pixel 7 series. The camera’s metallic band is likely to continue, but the front seems to get most of the attention.
The Pixel Fold appears to have an embedded rear camera module, as you can see here. Additionally, the device’s overall construction is likely to be made of metal and glass, which has become the hallmark of high-end products.

Google will utilize the attempted and-tried equation for its foldable, with the fundamental screen shutting from within and when you unfurl you get a greater screen, presumably around 7 to 8-inches. Cutting down the lines on the sides is more important than removing the top and bottom bezels, which might not be very encouraging.

Prosser even mentions that the Pixel Fold will make its debut at the annual Google I/O 2023 conference, which takes place in May. The device will feature speakers on both its top and bottom. He also mentions that the Pixel Fold might cost around $1,799, which could dampen interest in the product.

Samsung and Oppo, which are now expanding into the PC market, have demonstrated the potential of foldable products. However, Google’s entry into this market prior to Apple will undoubtedly generate a lot of discussion, and it is difficult to discount the possibility of having reservations about a first-generation product, particularly in light of what we have seen from competitors in this market.

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