Including iPhones, All Smartphones to have USB-C Charging Ports in India, Here’s Why

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A law passed by the EU last month mandates that all smartphones and tablets released after 2024 include a USB-C charging port. The European Union wants to cut down on e-waste with the new rule. Smartphone manufacturers and industry associations in India have now agreed that smartphones, tablets, laptops, and other should use a standard charger to protect consumers and stop e-waste from going to waste.

Apple may have to make a big change because it is the only major smartphone manufacturer in the world that does not use USB-C ports. Despite the fact that smartphone users all over the world may be pleased with this decision because it is easier to carry and use a single charger rather than investing in and traveling with multiple chargers for several devices, Apple may have to make a big change. The majority of the Android cell phone and PC producers have proactively moved to USB-C ports including Apple, but the Cupertino based tech monster was all the while utilizing its notorious Lightning Port in the Apple iPhones.

The meeting that was put on by the Consumer Affairs Ministry was attended by people from industry associations like MAIT, FICCI, and CII, educational institutions like IIT Kanpur, IIT (BHU), and Varanasi, and central government ministries like the Environment Ministry. A subgroup will be formed to investigate the viability of uniform wearable device charging ports.

A step in the direction of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s LiFE (Lifestyle for Environment) mission, which calls for “mindful and deliberate utilization” by people worldwide rather than “mindful and wasteful consumption,” is the uniformity of charging ports. According to the statement, the Environment Ministry plans to conduct an impact study to assess and investigate the potential impact of uniform charging ports in electronic devices on e-waste following the adoption of the uniform charger.

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