The iPhone 15 Ultra may cost more than the iPhone 14 Pro Max next year

iPhone 15 Ultra
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Every year, Apple raises the cost of its iPhones, and in 2023, no exception will be made. In fact, you’ll have to pay even more for the iPhone 15 Ultra that’s supposed to be out next year.

The speculation regarding the alleged iPhone 15 Ultra has already begun due to numerous reports stating that Apple will replace the Pro Max moniker with the Ultra one for its high-end iPhone model in the upcoming year.

The current iPhone 14 Pro Max is available for Rs. 1,39,999, but the premium iPhone model for next year is likely to cost more.

How can that be said? The iPhone 15 Ultra, on the other hand, will feature a slew of changes, enhancements, and upgrades that are certain to assist Apple in increasing the model’s price. Therefore, a starting price of approximately Rs 1,69,999 for the iPhone 15 Ultra next year would not be out of the question.

The iPhone Ultra variant will likely have a matte or matte-like titanium body, as we saw with the new Apple Watch Ultra. The new A series bionic chip, which features a larger unit inside, will also be included in the phone.

Apple is also expected to offer a periscope lens for this variant, which will complement the telephoto sensor that is already on it. The iPhone 15 Ultra’s screen size isn’t expected to change, but the optical zoom feature might get a boost. We also hope that Apple improves the iPhone’s charging capabilities, at least for the Ultra model.

The introduction of the USB C charging port on the iPhone 15 series—which should include the Ultra model—should be the other significant change. However, it is unknown whether Apple will restrict this change to the European market or bring it to other countries as well. Even though Apple didn’t agree to this change in the first place, we’re just glad that it has to be made.

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