Thinking of Buying a Wireless Charger? Here’s a List You Can Choose From

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Although wireless charging has been around for some time, OEMs have only begun to incorporate it into their products in recent years. In addition, the majority of manufacturers, including Apple and Samsung, have chosen Qi (standard) for smartphones, smartwatches, and even wireless headphones. This is an open interface standard for inductive charging-based wireless power transfer. However, despite their ease of use—just place the device on the charger to charge it—wireless chargers typically do not support fast charging. Additionally, the device does not include them. Here are some clever wireless charging options that eliminate the need for numerous cables if you intend to purchase one.

Kodak WCM500 15W Magnetic [3-in-1] Wireless Charging Stand (Rs. 3,799)

This is yet another Kodak wireless charging station that can charge three Apple products at once and was made for the Apple ecosystem. Both horizontally and vertically, the front can hold the iPhone 13 and the iPhone 12 series magnetically. I was able to use it for calls, streaming content, and checking emails while the device was mounted on the stand, which made it feel more convenient. The base can be used to charge buds or any other Qi-certified device, in addition to charging the iPhone; however, the top is designed specifically to power the Apple Watch.

Belkin Boost Charge Qi(15W) Wireless Charging Stand (Rs 3,999)

Belkin has a small, Qi-certified wireless charger that is compatible with the majority of smartphones, including Apple, Samsung, Google, and others. The company is well-known for its smartphone accessory ecosystem. This charger, in contrast to flat chargers, has an angled position that doubles as a stand for streaming videos or making video calls while charging.

RAEGR MagFix Trio Arc M1700 (Rs 4,499)

It’s frequently a maze of charging cables given the number of devices around us. It’s possible that this handy gadget will fulfill your desires. A wireless charging pad with an LED indicator is housed in the circular base, and the Y-frame has charge docks on each side. It is possible to charge a smartphone, smartwatch, and earbuds all at once. The left arm upholds 15W Magsafe charging, the right arm upholds 5W and the base 10W. While this Qi-confirmed remote charging arrangement is intended for Apple gadgets, it works with some more.

Apple MagSafe Charger (Rs 4,500)

Investing in this official Apple accessory makes sense if you own an iPhone, specifically the most recent generation of the 12 and 13 series. The iPhone quickly and easily connects to the charger thanks to support for up to 15W of fast wireless charging and perfectly aligned magnets. The MagSafe is Qi-certified and can be used to charge AirPods models that support wireless charging as well as older iPhone models (iPhone 8 and up). The company suggests plugging the charger into a 20W USB-C power adapter, but there is no power adapter included with the product.

iGear Orion Led Desk Lamp with Qi Wireless Charger (Rs 4,500)

The iGear Orion LED desk is an LED desk lamp that also functions as a wireless charger, so if you are short on space on your study table, this might be a good option for you to consider purchasing. The Qi-certified 5W wireless charging coil is housed in the lamp’s base; simply placing the smartphone on the base initiates charging. With arms that can be adjusted, the lamp has color and temperature settings.

Stuffcool 10000mAh Magnetic Wireless Powerbank (Rs 4,990)

Wireless charging is available not only in power banks but also in desk chargers. This Powerbank is Qi-certified and supports Apple’s Magsafe Charging technology (up to 15W), which wirelessly charges the iPhone 12 and 13 series by magnetically attaching to them.
It also works with devices that support wireless charging. In addition to wireless charging, its Type C port’s PD20@ output enables it to juice up to 50% of an iPhone’s charge via fast wireless charging. Additionally, its type A port provides 22.5W of fast-charging power for Android devices that are compatible. It is also approved by the BIS and has a display at the back that shows the status of the power bank’s remaining charge.

Samsung Trio Pad Wireless (Rs 8,299)

Qi-certified wireless charging is supported by a growing number of devices, including smartphones, smartwatches, and earbuds. Therefore, why not purchase a charger that can simultaneously charge multiple devices? The Samsung Trio Pod is a three-in-one wireless pad that can hold a smartwatch, two phones, or earbuds, phone, and smartwatch all at the same time. According to Samsung, the device’s six coils make it simple to set it down and charge it. Put it on the pad to get more power and expand the charging area. For wireless fast charging, it works with the Samsung Galaxy, Apple iPhones, and Qi-enabled Galaxy Buds and Galaxy Watch. The 25W wall charger that comes with this charging pad is included.

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